I’m Akram, a UX & Product Designer. Nice to meet you :)


My interests have always lied at the intersection of humanity and technology. While pursuing a Psychology & Biology Dual Degree, I found myself gravitating towards design. I taught myself the principles of UX and web design to explore design and code.

During this learning phase, I realized my strength lies in understanding people, and the challenges they face in an connected world. I found myself drawn to these UX challenges, as they allowed me to apply my academic research background and knowledge more directly.

This eventually led me to freelance as a UX & Product Designer. I felt true joy and excitement working as a designer, as it allowed me to quickly experiment, fail and learn from products that are in use by people in the real world, rather than in a lab setting.

Now, I spend most of my days collaborating, and working on great products. Other than that, you can usually find me catching up on my never ending reading list, making that perfect music playlist, or simply browsing Twitter for the best parody accounts.

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